Frequently Asked Questions

What Sort of Volunteer Opportunities Are Available?

Lighthouse Mission's greatest need for volunteers is at our Food Outreaches. However, we also accept volunteers at our main building, warehouse, and youth programs. Scroll further up this page to learn more.

We also recommend that community members please consider collecting food, funds, or clothing to donate to Lighthouse Mission, as these are always needed.

Do You Accept Groups of Volunteers?

Yes! Groups are welcome to volunteer at our outreaches. However, you must register your group in advance so that we can make sure to accommodate you. Scroll up on this page to Register Your Group.

Can Children Volunteer at Lighthouse Mission?

Children are welcome to serve at our outreaches, and may also help out at our building. However, all children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while they serve.

I or My Child Need to Complete Community Service Hours. Can I Do These at Lighthouse Mission?

Yes. Please be prepared to complete your hours within our normal business hours (9:00am - 4:00pm weekdays). We cannot accommodate volunteers looking to serve after these hours, or who need to complete more than 35 hours per week.

CLICK HERE to learn about community service activities.

**Please call our office at (631) 758-7584 in advance of when you want to complete your hours, as you need to be registered with our office. We CANNOT approve community service hours that were completed prior to registering with our office.

Will Lighthouse Mission Notify Me When Its Programs Are Cancelled?

In the event of severe weather such as snowstorms or hurricanes, Lighthouse Mission may cancel any of its programs. Please visit our website or our Facebook Page for notifications.

What Do I Do With My Valuables While Serving?

Please do not bring valuables, including jewelry, cell phones, headphones, music players, or other expensive items with you to Lighthouse Mission's programs. If you must bring these items with you, please leave them in a locked car. Lighthouse Mission is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


How Should I Dress When Serving at an Outreach?

Please dress prepared to serve in outdoor weather - hot or cold - for an hour and a half. You will be outside for the duration of the outreach. Please wear solid and comfortable closed-toe footwear, as you will be standing on pavement.


Ladies, please dress modestly. Please do not wear anything revealing or any costly jewelry. Men, please do not wear anything with offensive images or words.

Is it Safe to Volunteer at an Outreach?

Yes. Our outreaches are run in an orderly fashion. In some cases, police park their cars at our outreach locations to help ensure the safety of all involved. That said, outreaches can sometimes be unpredictable. Please be alert at all times when serving, and leave any valuables at home or in your car.

Can I Give Money to People at an Outreach?

No. The purpose of our outreach is to provide free food and share the Gospel of Jesus. We cannot meet all of the needs that people have. Giving money to some people in need can also create issues with other people waiting on the line for food.

Can I or My Group Hand Out Religious Literature?

No. Bible tracts, bibles, and any other religious or non-religious materials cannot be given out without prior approval from Lighthouse Mission's pastoral team. Lighthouse Mission has approved bibles, tracts, and books on our outreach trucks to give out.


Please contact our Outreach Director at for more details.

Can I or My Business Offer Services or Products to People Receiving Food?

No. We do not allow the solicitation of private, government, or non-profit services, good (free or otherwise) of any sort at our outreaches unless the group has been pre-registered with our outreach staff.

Please contact our Outreach Director at for more details.

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Can I Volunteer at the Teen Programs?

We are in need of dedicated, mature volunteers to serve at our after-school teen programs on an on-going basis. Please contact our Youth Director at for more details.

Can Anyone Volunteer at Mission Kids?

We are in need of dedicated, mature volunteers and guest speakers with a passion to serve at Mission Kids on an on-going basis. Please contact our Mission Kids Director at to discuss current volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers need to be registered with the Mission Kids Director and will have to complete a background check before they can serve.

Does Mission Kids Need Any Guest Speakers?

Mission Kids guest speakers come from local churches, schools, police and fire departments, theater groups, and more. We have also had magicians, animal shows, and puppet shows. Each of our guest speakers strives to teach the children valuable life lessons in a fun way. If you would like to be a guest speaker at Mission Kids, please contact us at

What Type of Food Donations Do You Accept?

We accept non-perishable food items (canned goods, pastas, cereal, bottled water, etc.), meats (hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, turkeys, etc.), dairy products, and fresh fruits and vegetables.


Please DO NOT bring any cooked food or leftovers, as we are not a soup kitchen.

Do You Accept Clothing?

Yes! We accept new and gently used clothes of any sort, size, and season. Please bring all clothing donations to our building. We are open weekdays 9:00am-4:00pm. we also have a donation box for after-hours donations located outside of our building.

Do You Accept Furniture or Used Toys?

No. Unfortunately, our warehouse is not big enough to accommodate any donations other than food and new or gently used clothing.

Can You Pick Up a Donation at My House?

No. we do not have enough staff to pick up donations from your home. Please bring all donations to Lighthouse Mission's building in North Bellport.

How Else Can I Donate to Lighthouse Mission?

Lighthouse Mission can always use financial partners to help meet our ministry expenses. All funding goes to support programs right here on Long Island, and you can choose to make a one-time gift, or become a monthly partners. Click the "Donate" Button at the top of your page, or CLICK HERE to donate.

You can also request a Volunteer T-Shirt with a donation of $20 or more. For More Information, CLICK HERE.