Help send a local teen in need to Winter Bible Camp for a weekend of safe, fun outdoor activities, sports, team building events, and BEST of all: the opportunity to respond to the Good News of Jesus.


Many of the teens who come to the Mission face severe challenges like poverty, gang violence, and drug use. But by sponsoring a teen's trip to Bible Camp, you are offering them a lasting hope.


It costs $200 to cover all the travel, food, program supplies, and staffing costs for each teen who comes along. By "sponsoring" a teen, you can give them this unforgettable opportunity to learn about Jesus at no cost to their families.

Send a Teen to Winter Bible Camp

  • The $200 that it costs to bring a teen to Winter Bible Camp includes meals and snacks, custom T-Shirts, camping supplies, and sled building materials. It also helps to cover transportation and staffing expenses for Lighthouse Mission (we drive the teens up in our own vans and spend the whole trip with them).

  • As a special thanks to you for donating to support this program, we'd like to send you a t-shirt. Please select your size so we can send you one with a thank you letter.

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