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Donate to Celebrate a Birthday

Celebrate someone you love by making a Birthday Donation to Lighthouse Mission. Your gift will "give back" to the local community by supporting the Mission's Food Outreaches and Youth Programs, which bring the Good News of Jesus to struggling Long Island families.


Choose your Gift Amount & tell us who you're celebrating. The Mission will even send a special "Happy Birthday" card to their home or office.

Donate to Celebrate a Birthday

  • If you would like to have the Mission send a "Happy Birthday" card detailing your donation, please provide the name of the person being celebrated and their mailing address. Our team will send a card to them as soon as your donation goes through.

  • If you'd like to directly cover the full cost of a Lighthouse Mission program or one of the needs around our warehouse, choose an option from the "Adopt a Program" box. The exact cost of this need will be added to your donation & will be mentioned in the card that we send to your loved one.

    For more information about "adopting" programs, please visit:

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