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The Refuge - Teen Program

What is The Refuge?

The goal of Lighthouse Mission's teen programs is to reach local at-risk teens through exciting Bible lessons, sports, and outdoor adventures.

Sadly, many of the teens who come to our programs live in very poor & challenged communities.Gangs, drugs, and violence are all a part of their lives.

God has positioned Lighthouse Mission in the North Bellport area to make a change in their lives through the Gospel of Jesus.

We strive to impact their lives through regular after-school programs, as well as other seasonal events and trips, all of which include a short bible study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program cost anything?

No. Our after-school programs and outdoor activities are FREE to any teens who wish to attend. Advanced sign-ups may be required for certain special trips.

Do we have to live in North Bellport to attend?

No. Any teen is welcome to attend our program. Lighthouse Mission is unable to provide transportation for teens who live outside of the North Bellport area.

What should my teen wear or bring with them?

Teens should wear modest weather-appropriate clothing and sneakers for high-energy activities. Those wearing revealing clothing or items with violent or offensive imagery will be asked to leave. Please do not send your teens with electronic devices. Lighthouse Mission is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Will you notify me if a program is canceled?

During severe weather we may cancel our youth programming. Please check our website and Facebook page for notifications.


Can teens with physical or mental health needs participate?

Yes! We welcome all teens & do our best to handle their needs with care. Please contact our office to discuss your child's needs before they attend the program.

I am a teen. Can I attend the programs on my own?

While we want you here, we will need your parent or legal guardian's permission before you can participate in our programs.

Do you offer transportation?

Bus transportation to the Mission for after-school programs is available from Bellport Middle School and Bellport High School. Teens who live in North Bellport will be brought home via passenger van. We are unable to provide transportation to/from other communities.

Can I drive my teen to/from the program?

Yes! If you are driving your teens to/from the program please arrive at the Mission promptly at 5:00pm for pickup. You will need a valid form of ID and be listed as an authorized adult for your teen. If your child is left at the Mission beyond a reasonable time, local police will be called to escort them home.

Is food offered at the program?

Yes. We offer free snacks and drinks for the hungry teens who come to our programs.

What if my teen has an allergy?

Please inform us of any allergies when you register your teen for the program. We will do our best to keep them safe and provide allergy friendly foods.

Why are there police officers at the program?

We like to have local police officers spend time with the teens and get to know them. Our hope is that they will build strong relationships to benefit the community.

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